Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Preston Ritter Has Died

Here is a man who accomplished much while on this earth.  Drummer Preston Ritter joined the Electric Prunes in 1966, and contributed much as the group was years ahead of its time on the classic song 'I Had Too Much To Dream". 

Ritter then worked as a session musician with the Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, and Dobie Gray, before becoming a DJ.  As if that wasn't enough to achieve in a lifetime, he then became a police officer and an investigator.  Preston then became a missionary in Korea, where he taught theology. 

Ritter then returned to Los Angeles and became a drum teacher and an author of several books on drum methods.  Preston died Monday after years of dialysis for his kidney problems, including two kidney transplants.

We salute you, Preston, for your great contributions to our lives. 

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