Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rebuilding the Calendar*

Last August, Inside The Rock Era undertook the monumental task of researching every single item in our Calendar*.  When we started four years ago, we took our information from what we thought were reliable sources (Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone, and other websites).  As time went on, we realized that those sites were not in fact "reliable"--there were several errors in music information on each, and sometimes this occurred daily. 

One of the reasons we started Inside The Rock Era was to correct the plethora of misinformation about music, such as the ridiculous rankings of songs and artists by some organizations, which we won't name by name.  So we set out to correct every one of the errors in those sites, some of the most successful music organizations in the world.  We are now just three months away from completing the project.  It takes about 4 hours a day to research each day's worth of our music information.  When we are finished correcting all of the heretofore "respected" organizations, Inside The Rock Era will be the most accurate music information website in the world.  Notice we didn't say "perfect" or "infallible", just better than all the rest.

We have gone through each and every detail from September through April thus far.  While we complete the project, please be patient and be aware that information in the summer months has not been gone through; rather, that same painstaking research will be applied to May, June, July and August as we go through those months.  And please, if you find an error, pass it on to us--that would be a huge help!

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