Friday, June 3, 2016

The Top 100 Songs of 1991*: #40-31

In 1991, Georgia voted for independence from the Soviet Union and the Dow Jones Industrial Averaged closed above 3,000 for the first time ever.  Also that year, the first Starbucks coffee store opened in California.

In music, these 10 songs from 1991 are among those which have best stood the test of time:


High Enough
Damn Yankees

This #3 song helped the album Damn Yankees sell over two million copies.

Time, Love & Tenderness
Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton came up with one of the top albums of the year which went to #1 and has now topped eight million in sales.  Four songs from the album went to #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart including the title song.


I Wanna' Sex You Up
Color Me Badd

This group from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma went to #2 with this smash, which captured the American Music Award for Best R&B Soul Single.


Love Of A Lifetime

This #5 song from 1991 continues to gain in popularity.  Firehouse won Best New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band at the American Music Awards.    


Something To Talk About
Bonnie Raitt

At #36, a woman who started her career in 1970 but until the 1989 album Nick of Time had only a small but loyal following.  Two years later, Bonnie Raitt released the album Luck of the Draw with this song as the lead single.  It earned Raitt a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and was nominated for Record of the Year, although it lost out to "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

Mysterious Ways


This song by supergroup U2 went to #1 in Ireland and #9 in the U.S.  But it is has stood the test of time far better than many of its contemporaries, ranking #23 among songs from 1991 in YouTube views.


Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

We mentioned this song above as winner of Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 1991.  It ranks #39 among 1991 songs in YouTube views.


Boyz II Men

This Philadelphia group went on to become one of the top acts of the '90s.  That success all started with this one, the first single from Boyz II Men.

One More Try
Timmy T

In 1990, Timmy T recorded the song "Time After Time" in his garage and when Power 106 in Los Angeles put the song into rotation, it led to increased airplay from stations around the country and a record contract with Quality Records.  That song only peaked at #40, but this song, released later in the year, became a #1 song in 1991.

Right Here, Right Now
Jesus Jones

We briefly mentioned the breakup of the Soviet Union, not only one of the best things to ever happen to Russia but to the world in general.  The Berlin Wall, constructed to keep East Germans from crossing over into West Germany, began to come down in 1990.  The group Jesus Jones wrote about how great it was to be alive at the time.

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