Monday, September 26, 2016

Artists Whose First Hit Was Their Biggest--Part 20

We're going through the artists who set a standard for themselves with their first career hit, which they would never top.  Here are 10 more:

Terry Jacks
"Seasons In The Sun"

With wife Susan Jacks, this Canadian recorded as the Poppy Family, and scored the big hit "Where Evil Grows".  In 1974, Terry released his first solo song, and his remake of a Kingston Trip song went to #1 for three weeks.  But Terry is one of the finest of the One-Hit Wonders; he never came close to the Top 40 again.

"The Rapper"

Although our feature doesn't include only One-Hit Wonders, here's another.  The Jaggerz formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and achieved this #2 smash in 1970.  Their next best effort was #75.  Lead singer Donnie Ierace later recorded under the name Donnie Iris ("Ah!  Leah! in 1981).

"Sally, Go 'Round The Roses"

Here's a group from the Bronx who reached #2 in 1963 with this song.  They never charted again.

Jesus Jones
"Right Here, Right Now"

This act scored one of the biggest hits of 1991 with this #2 smash.  They got close with their follow-up (#4 for "Real, Real, Real") but never charted after that.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
"I Love Rock 'N Roll"

Lead singer and guitarist Joan Jett attracted attention when she was with the Runaways from 1975 to 1978.  In 1980, she formed her own band, and vaulted to #1 with this song.  It remained at the top for seven weeks and became one of The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*.  They went on to record 10 hits, including the Top 10's "Crimson And Clover" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You".  But nothing else came remotely close to their first big hit.

"Sky High"

This act began as a six-piece with musicians from Coventry and Rugby, England forming in 1966.  They recorded several albums and had success in some countries, but it wasn't until 1975 that they enjoyed their first worldwide hit.  "Sky High" soared to #3 for the group.  They released 13 albums in their career, but their next-best effort was #30.

Jive Five
"My True Story"

This doo-wop group from Brooklyn, New York went as high as #3 with their first hit.  They evolved into more of a soul group after that, but never got to the Top 20 again.

Johnny Hates Jazz
"Shattered Dreams"

This English trio is featured on two other important lists:  The Top 500 One-Hit Wonders of the Rock Era* and The Top 100 #2 Songs of the Rock Era*.  They scored a huge hit with this one in 1988, but only charted one other time at #31.

Rickie Lee Jones
"Chuck E.'s In Love"

In 1978, this Chicago artist recorded a great debut album and with this #4 song and a Best New Artist trophy from the Grammy Awards, appeared to be on her way.  But mysteriously, Rickie Lee would never get higher than #40 again.

Montell Jordan
"This Is How We Do It"

One of the tallest artists of the Rock Era at 6-feet, 8-inches, Montell Jordan enjoyed a #1 song of seven weeks with this Platinum recording.  He released three other singles that made it to the Top 25, but nothing close to his first.

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