Saturday, October 1, 2016

Artists Whose First Hit Was Their Biggest--Part 30

Inside The Rock Era is featuring artists who scored a big hit initially, and that song wound up being the biggest hit of their career.  Here are 10 more:

Cliff Nobles & Co.
"The Horse"

This great instrumental was a #2 smash for three weeks in 1968.  Nobles could not get higher than #68 after that.

Kenny Nolan
"I Like Dreamin'"

This singer-songwriter enjoyed a #3 hit in 1977 with a song that sold over one million copies.  He isn't a One-Hit Wonder*, as his next song, "Love's Grown Deep", reached #20.  Nolan never recorded a song to match his first hit, but he did write the songs "Lady Marmalade" for Labelle and "My Eyes Adored You" for Frankie Valli.

No Mercy
"Where Do You Go"

This techno-dance trio reached #5 in 1996 with this great song.  It is their only entry into the Top 100.

Nu Shooz
"I Can't Wait"

This group from Portland, Oregon went to #3 with this song in 1986.  They were unable to get past #28 in the rest of their career.

"Put Your Hand In The Hand"

This Canadian group was one of several that had success in the period with great spiritual songs, reaching #2 in 1971 with by far their biggest hit.  Artists today are incapable of such deep reflection.

Sinead O'Connor
"Nothing Compares 2 (sic) U (sic)"

Ireland's Sinead O'Connor turned this Prince composition into one of the biggest hits of 1990.  It presided at #1 for four weeks and sold over two million copies.  She was unable to build on that momentum, with #60 being her next-best effort.

Alan O'Day
"Undercover Angel"

The songwriter of the #1 song "Angie Baby" by Helen Reddy as well as "Rock And Roll Heaven" by the Righteous Brothers, Alan O'Day entered the Top 40 for the only time in his career with this #1 smash from 1977.

"Girl Watcher"

In 1968, this North Carolina group hit #5 with this song, a Gold record for them.  It was the last time they scored a Top 40 hit.

Mike Oldfield
"Tubular Bells"

This talented multi-instrumentalist gave us the theme to the great movie The Exorcist.  It's one of The Top 100 Instrumentals of the Rock Era*, but Mike's only Top 100 hit.

"The Wah Watusi"

This R&B act got to #2 in 1962 with this song.  Although they came close with the songs "Don't Hang Up" and "South Street", the Orlons are still best known for their first big hit.

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