Friday, September 30, 2016

Artists Whose First Hit Was Their Biggest--Part 28

We continue our feature with 10 more artists:

Mr. Big
"To Be With you"

This group isn't a One-Hit Wonder*, as they also had a #16 hit in their career.  But their first hit catapulted to #1 in 1992 and remained there three weeks.

"Eres Tu (Touch The Wind)"

This group from Spain enjoyed a Top 10 hit in 1974 with this, their only entry into the Top 100.

Domenico Modugno
"Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blue (Volare)"

There were several versions of this song that charted in the '50s, but this #1 song of five weeks was the biggest of those.  Modugno's next-best song peaked at #97.

"Book Of Love"

This New Jersey group reached #5 with this song in 1958.  Unfortunately, it was their only Top 100 hit.

Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus
"The Good, The Bad And The ugly"

Huge instrumental hit here from the movie of the same name.  Montenegro went to #2 with this song, but could never hit the Top 40 again.

Chris Montez
"Let's Dance"

Chris Montez studied music composition at El Camino College in California.  His first hit went to #4 in 1962.  Chris was able to reach #16 four years later, but nothing came close to his first hit.

Dorothy Moore
"Misty Blue"

Dorothy Moore was nominated for a Grammy Award for her performance of this #3 song in 1976.  She was unable to do better than #27 after that.

Mungo Jerry
"In The Summertime"

One of the top summer songs comes from this British quartet.  They reached #3 with this one in 1970, their only entry into the Top 100.

"Popsicles And Icicles"

This group's only hit came from a song written by David Gates of Bread.  They rose to #3 in 1964 with it.

Walter Murphy
"A Fifth Of Beethoven"

New Yorker Walter Murphy was an arranger for Doc Severinsen and The Tonight Show orchestra.  He collected this #1 hit from 1976.  Walter could never reach the Top 40 afterward.

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