Sunday, October 2, 2016

Artists Whose First Hit Was Their Biggest: Part 33

Here are 10 more great songs in our feature:

"I'm Gonna' Be (500 Miles)"

This great song by a Scottish duo of identical twin brothers seems to get better with each listen; it's still very popular 23 years later.  In 1993, the Proclaimers reached #3 with it and sold over one million copies.  Astonishingly, it is their only Top 100 hit.

Procol Harum
"A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

Here's one of the most popular #5 songs we know of.  The British group Procol Harum recorded it in 1967, but their next best was their live version of "Conquistador", #16 for them in 1972.

"Harden My Heart"

This act was known throughout the Northwest as Seafood Mama.  They changed their name to Quarterflash and rocketed to #3 with this Gold record.  They then had a very underrated #16 song ("Find Another Fool), enjoyed the #14 song "Take Me To Heart" and also sang the title song from the great comedy Night Shift, one of Michael Keaton's first roles in which he co-starred with Henry Winkler.

"Silent Lucidity"

This song was a #1 Album Rock hit, #9 overall, but Queensryche's only entry in the Top 100.

? & the Mysterians

This great song hit #1 in 1966, but ? and the Mysterians never reached the Top 20 again.

Gerry Rafferty
"Baker Street"

Scottish-born Gerry Rafferty was one of the leaders of the group Stealer's Wheel, which enjoyed the 1973 hit "Stuck In The Middle With You".  After that group disbanded, Rafferty recorded this solo song, which included the amazing saxophone solo by the recently departed Raphael Ravenscroft.  Rafferty had quality songs with "Right Down The Line", "Home And Dry", "City To City", "Days Gone Down" and "Get It Right Next Time", but was unable to find the Top 10 again.

Rare Earth
"Get Ready"

This Detroit group rose to #4 with this song in 1970.  They scored the Top 10 hits "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "I Just Want To Celebrate" and you may also remember "Born To Wander" and "Hey Big Brother", but their first hit remains their biggest.


Here's an R&B group that hit #3 in 1957 with this million-seller.  Unfortunately, they couldn't land another Top 40 hit in their career.

Debbie Reynolds

One of the top actresses in movie musicals in the 1950's, this artist married Eddie Fisher in 1955 and the couple gave birth to actress Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.  Reynolds landed a huge hit in 1957 with this #1 song of five weeks, but never followed it with another Top 10 song.

Jody Reynolds
"Endless Sleep"

Here's another One-Hit Wonder*, who gave us the #5 song "Endless Sleep" in 1958.  But Jody fell short of the Top 40 after that.

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