Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Artists Whose First Hit Was Their Biggest--Part 38

We're featuring the artists of the last 61 years who scored a big first hit that was so good that the artist had trouble doing as well after that.  Here are 10 more:

Sonny & Cher
"I Got You Babe"

This husband and wife duo burst onto the scene in 1965 with this classic #1 of three weeks.  They went on to churn out 19 other hits including five other Top 10 songs, and Cher of course became a superstar as a solo performer, but their first was their biggest.

Soul Asylum
"Runaway Train"

This important song about the problem of runaway boys and girls hit #5 in 1993.  Soul Asylum was able to get a #20 hit with their follow-up, but it was their first that set the standard for them.

Soul For Real
"Candy Rain"

Here's an R&B group named Soul For Real that rose to #2 for four weeks with this smash in 1995.  Their next hit reached #17, the final entry in the Top 100 for the group.

Soul Survivors
"Expressway To Your Heart"

We just heard from a New York group; here's another, that found fame with their first hit in 1967.  It reached #4, but nothing else the group did reached the Top 20.

"Black Hole Sun"

This group from Seattle, Washington made waves with their first release in 1994.  Although Billboard's methodology was so mixed up that the song didn't make the "Hot 100" back then, it was a huge Rock hit and received considerable airplay throughout the United States.  The group disbanded in 1997, never enjoying a song as popular as their first.

Spandau Ballet

London's Spandau Ballet is one of the top One-Hit Wonders* of the Rock Era--their song "True" is one of the top-ranked songs outside of The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*.  Their next-best song stalled at #29.

Terry Stafford

This artist covered an Elvis Presley song and rode it to #3 in 1964.  Stafford managed only a #25 hit after that.

"Sweet City Woman"

This trio from Calgary, Canada rolled to #8 with their debut hit in 1971.  The best they could do after that was #40.

Lisa Stansfield
"All Around The World"

This artist scored a Platinum record on her first try, a #3 hit in 1990.  She managed to get to #14 on her follow-up and had three more hits after that, but nothing near as big as her first.

"Moonlight Feels Right"

This group showed a lot of promise with their first hit in 1976, this #3 smash.  Their follow-up, "I Got To Know", was underrated at #43, but Starbuck was never able to match their initial hit.

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