Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discography: Steve Miller

1968:  Children of the Future
           Sailor (reissued in 1973 as Living in the USA)
1969:  Brave New World
           Your Saving Grace
1970:  Number 5
1971:  Rock Love
1972:  Recall the Beginning...A Journey from Eden
1973:  The Joker
1976:  Fly Like an Eagle
1977:  Book of Dreams
1981:  Circle of Love
1982:  Abracadabra
1984:  Italian X-Rays
1986:  Living in the 20th Century
1993:  Wide River
2003:  Young Hearts
2006:  Fly Like an Eagle (30th Anniversary Edition)
2010:  Bingo!

Steve Miller Band Live!
Live From Chicago Ravinia Amphitheater

1972:  Anthology
1978:  Greatest Hits (1974-1978)
1991:  The Very Best of the Steve Miller Band

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