Friday, March 25, 2011

Worthy Boston Tracks Other Than the Singles You Know

Sadly, most are on the debut album which cooked and is still one of the most played albums on the radio.

"Smokin'", which is just straight-out rock & roll, is a great track on the second side.  Clear Channel Communications, one of the two conglomerates that unfortunately monopolizes radio today and doesn't allow its stations' much individual expression, "banned" the song after September 11, 2001 (I have no idea why.)  The song cooks and is definitely one of the top tracks on the 17 million-selling debut.  The song features a killer keyboard solo from Tom Scholz.  One of so many Boston tracks that is expertly produced.

"Rock & Roll Band" features a good melody and the typical tight production from Tom Scholz.  It leads off the second side of the album (or the second half of the CD) and tells the fictional story of a band paying its dues before things finally begin to go right.  

"Hitch a Ride" starts out slow, featuring acoustic guitar and Brad Delp's vocals, changes tempo back and forth, and then builds to the finish with some of the nicest harmonies Boston has ever done and more quality organ work.  It is differentiated from both "Smokin'" and "Rock & Roll Band" in that it isn't a straight-out rocker but Boston uses the changes of tempo (complete with hand claps and great guitar riffs) to come up with another winner.

"Let Me Take You Home Tonight" is another great track that starts out as a ballad and then rocks at the end. Boston delivers more good harmony on the chorus.

"A Man I'll Never Be" is on Don't Look Back.  Actually, it was a single but didn't get much airplay, and Boston had to wait until "Amanda" to have a hit ballad.  In my opinion, this is a better song.  The track is a bit long (6:37) and therein is the problem for radio.  Boston fans know it well and I don't know of too many that would be disappointed in it.  The basis for the song is the dilemma that is faced when someone's lover puts them on a pedestal and has a perception of them that is better than reality.  Nevertheless, the person tries to live up to those expectations.

"Feelin' Satisfied" is decent on the same album.  It has the same feel as songs on the first album so it loses its originality but still a good rock & roll party song.

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