Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Tracks on "Hotel California" by the Eagles

This album came out during the time I first began to conduct music research.  Of course the three singles showed up very well in the research that I did (the title track was one of the most popular songs I ever tracked.)  Although Elektra/Asylum never released it as a single, "The Last Resort" also was a popular album track for our radio station and to this day, Don Henley considers it the finest work the Eagles have ever done.  Another track that tested out well was "Wasted Time", a song the group does at nearly every concert.

1.  "Hotel California"
2.  "New Kid in Town"
3.  "Life in the Fast Lane"
4.  "Wasted Time"
5.  "Wasted Time" (reprise)
6.  "Victim of Love"
7.  "Pretty Maids All in a Row"
8.  "Try and Love Again"
9.  "The Last Resort"

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