Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Best Songs: Jackson Browne

There are singers who are popular, but I believe to be truly great, you have to be an artist. Jackson Browne is an artist. I borrow this from You Tube because it describes Jackson Browne better than I've ever read.

His music is alive, intelligent in it's delivery and passionate about what it stands for. He is loved and he is hated. I'm not so impressed by those who love him as I am by those who hate him. Because, when you're hated, it's an indication that your message is raw and unequivocal.

This is an incredible artist. He can capture in a song a message that he alone can deliver better than anyone. He talks about things that people believe but can't put into words. It's an uncanny gift. It is impossible to capture an artist this immensely talented in Five Best Songs*. You can't even begin to appreciate his work in his single releases. I've included what I believe to be his best songs. But if you want to know Jackson Browne, you have to even listen deeper than this. Honorable Mentions to "For Everyman", "Your Bright Baby Blues" and "Jamaica Say you Will".  And there is a lot more.

Here is the best in the brilliant career of Jackson Browne:

1.  Lives in the Balance

2.  Doctor My Eyes

3.  Running On Empty

4.  Load Out/Stay

5.  The Pretender

6.  Fountain of Sorrow

7.  Before the Deluge

8.  Late for the Sky

9.  These Days

10.  Hold On Hold Out

11.  Sky Blue and Black

12.  For A Dancer

The Night Inside Me
Barricades of Heaven

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