Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Featured Unknown/Underrated Song: "Moondance" by Van Morrison

Here's another of the great "undiscovered" gems of the Rock Era.  I've been in the business and around music to know that, while the system works and generally, the best songs are going to be reflected in the charts, there are also numerous occasions in which radio collectively "blew it".  Unfortunately in this "cookie cutter" world of radio stations today, the few corporations who now own our airwaves look almost exclusively to the rank that a song achieved in deciding whether to play it or not.  This is a travesty.

The Top Unknown/Underrated Songs of the Rock Era* is here to point out the many great songs that, for one reason or another, did not make the Top 10 yet deserve airplay.  And hey, if the radio stations refuse to play it, you can always just spend more time on Inside the Rock Era! (smile)

This song was the title cut from Van Morrison's album in 1970.  It went unreleased at the time, and even in 1977, when it was released as a single, it only reached #92.  Seriously?  That makes "Moondance" by Van Morrison one of the best in this category.
by Van Morrison

Words and Music by Van Morrison

Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies
And all the leaves on the trees are falling
To the sound of the breezes that blow
And I'm trying to please to the calling
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Can I just have one a' more Moondance with you, my love
Can I just make some more romance with a-you, my love

Well, I wanna make love to you tonight
I can't wait 'til the morning has come
And I know that the time is just right
And straight into my arms you will run
And when you come my heart will be waiting
To make sure that you're never alone
There and then all my dreams will come true, dear
There and then I will make you my own
And every time I touch you, you just tremble inside
And I know how much you want me that you can't hide


[Repeat 1st Verse]

One more Moondance with you in the moonlight
On a magic night
La, la, la, la in the moonlight
On a magic night
Can't I just have one more dance with you my love

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