Thursday, October 9, 2014

Calendar Correction

There seems to be general confusion as to the first date that Led Zeppelin played under their new name.  Most websites incorrectly show the date as October 15, 1968 in Surrey.  Even as recently as 2003, a plaque was unveiled in Surrey to commemorate Led Zeppelin's first show as October 15.  Guitarist Jimmy Page was on hand, and had to point out that the debut was on October 25.  The plaque was removed, and corrected to reflect the correct date.  It is believed that the group did perform there under the name the New Yardbirds, but not Led Zeppelin.  The book Led Zeppelin:  A Celebration by Dave Lewis indicates that the group performed as the New Yardbirds for the final time in Liverpool on October 19, and that the band would then change their name to Led Zeppelin for a show in late October.

Led Zeppelin's official website, as well as the book Lotta' Led Zeppelin:  The Illustrated History of the Heaviest Band of All-Time' by Jon Bream, show that the band made its live debut as Led Zeppelin at Surrey University on October 25.  Promotional posters that show that the New Yardbirds were performing on the 25th, however, were never corrected.  But it was in fact October 25, 1968 that Led Zeppelin made its live debut, and not the 15th. 


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