Friday, October 10, 2014

Van Halen with the fewest views so far in The Top Artists of the Seventies*

Inside The Rock Era has featured the first ten artists in our major music special, The Top 100 Artists of the Seventies*.  Out of the ten artists thus far, Van Halen at #96 has the fewest views.  They were more of a force in the 80's to be view, but they did explode onto the scene with a great debut album, and are worth checking out.

Perhaps the band has lost a lot of fans over the years and that explains the low interest in their music, lower than England Dan & John Ford Coley, lower than Neil Sedaka, lower than Kansas, and in fact, lower than all of the other nine artists played thus far.  Things like this don't affect any of our ratings, but it is interesting nonetheless.  The low interest in Van Halen may indicate that their sales are about to take a big dip.

Here is the link to their story, as Van Halen ranks #96*:

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