Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Misinformation on the Web...

In researching births, deaths, and information about artists and musicians in the Rock Era, you find a lot of contradicting information.  There are many sites that regurgitate that misinformation, and that only makes things worse.  I mentioned several months back that we were undergoing the daunting task of finding all the errors on existing websites, many of which are the so-called "respectable and professional sites".  We are about halfway done with that, but please be patient as we correct all the mistakes of others.

One such topic of misinformation is the birth of Keith Knudsen, a drummer with the Doobie Brothers.  The poor soul has died, and still there is misinformation about when he was born.   Numerous websites incorrectly show Keith's date of birth as October 18, and many show his birth as being in Ames, Iowa.  According to "The LeMars Sentinel' newspaper and '', and the tombstone pictured below, Keith was born on February 18 in LeMars.) 

We at Inside The Rock Era hope that finally the conflicting information regarding the date of Keith's birth, like Keith, can be put to rest.

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