Monday, January 18, 2016

Fan Tributes to Glenn Frey

"These cloudy days, make you wanna cry. It breaks your heart when someone leaves and you don't know why " Glenn Frey

Mr. Glenn Frey, thank you for your contributions to one of the best bands in history. Godspeed

RIP Glenn Frey, truly one of our great American songwriters...

Bob Seger on Glenn Frey: 'He had a drive, an imagination and a talent that was just titanic'

"He was my fellow road warrior ... " Linda Ronstadt remembers

His music was personally inspirational, his impact immeasurable, his legacy timeless.

We lost another legend . Glenn Frey. Way too young. Love this family. Losing legends so young reminds us all how precious life is.

Adios, Glenn Frey, and thanks for all the great music. RIP.
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I'm in shock as I learned that my friend Glenn Frey has passed away.

RIP to one of the greatest song writers of all time. Glenn Frey 🙌🏻

Glenn Frey 💔 An amazing songwriter and amazing guitarist ❤️ "I know you won't let me down 'Cause I'm already standing on the ground"

So deeply saddened tonight to hear of Glenn Frey's passing. Blessings to all of his family and the Eagles! - KU

The lights are dimmed at The Hotel California. Thanks for the soundtrack to my youth.

God bless Glenn Frey peace and love to all his family and friends 😎✌️🌟💖🌺🌺🌷

Totally shocking to hear about Glenn Frey, may he rest in peace. We could never give back what he gave to the...

💙 Glenn Frey. Too young. Too soon. Thank you for blessing us with your musical genius for so many decades. RIP 💙

RIP Glenn Frey. Strength to your family. xoxo

Thank you for the music Glenn Frey

Take It Easy, Glenn Frey, it's your turn for that Peaceful Easy Feeling. For the rest of us it's gonna be a Heartache Tonight

Overwhelmed by this season of loss. Now Glenn Frey, such a major touchstone of my youth. His music lives in the lives he touched. RIP

So deeply saddened tonight to hear of Glenn Frey's passing. Blessings to all of his family and the Eagles! - KU

Wow, can't believe Glenn Frey passed away. Such an amazing songwriter and inspiration. His mark will live forever.

Another night, it's gonna be a long on

Glenn Frey Thanks for providing the soundtrack of our lives.

Over the holidays I was explaining to my teenage nephew the greatness of Glenn Frey's music.

Sad to hear about . How many of us got through Friday nights soaring listening to the ? The heavenly choir has a new voice.

Rest easy, Glenn Frey. Peaceful, Easy Feeling. You made my world a far richer place.

The Outlaws are shocked and heartbroken at the news of Glenn Frey's passing. We have an enduring admiration and...

The Dixie Chicks official statement on the passing of Glenn Frey. :(
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Glenn Frey - our condolences to friends and family. Rest In Peace.

May the stars of the Southern Sky greet you tonight, Glenn Frey. Thank you for great Eagles tunes like .

Sad news in the music world about Glenn Frey. Let's hope Eagles founder closed with a "Peaceful Easy Feeling." RIP

Thank you for making amazing music that we can all share for generations. RIP Glenn Frey.

RIP Glenn Frey; an entire generation is having a heartache tonight

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