Monday, January 18, 2016

Tribute to Glenn Frey: "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Jack Tempchin wrote this song when he was performing at folk coffee shops around his hometown of San Diego.  Tempchin subsequently moved to Los Angeles, and became acquainted with many of the other L.A. musicians of the time--Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther.  Frey heard Tempchin's "Peaceful Easy Feeling", and asked if he could work on it, in that his new band, the Eagles, had formed just eight days previously.

Frey presented Tempchin with a cassette demo on the track the next day, who later said, "It was so good I couldn't believe it."


With Frey singing lead, the Eagles recorded the song for their debut album in 1972--it's another of those great underrated tracks from the supergroup...

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