Monday, January 18, 2016

Glenn Frey: You Belong To The Ages

As music fans everywhere mourn the sudden passing of legendary Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Inside The Rock Era has been working hard to commemorate his outstanding career.  We follow Frey's music in this tribute from the beginning of the Eagles, to his solo career, and back with the Eagles' reunion form 1994-2015.  

To people who don't understand their appeal, the Eagles wrote about things that mattered.  They touched lives with their weaving of some of the best lyrics ever written, accompanied by some of the best harmonies ever heard.

We have assembled all portions of the tribute below for easy chronological reference:

News story of Frey's death

"Take It Easy"

"Peaceful Easy Feeling"

"Witchy Woman"

"Tequila Sunrise"


"Already Gone"

"Best Of My Love"

"James Dean"

"One Of These Nights"

"Lyin' Eyes"

"Take It To The Limit"

Tribute to Glenn Frey

Reaction on Frey's Passing

"After The Thrill Is Gone"

Their Greatest 1971-1975

"New Kid In Town"

Fan Tributes to Glenn Frey

"Hotel California"

"Life In The Fast Lane"

"Victim Of Love"

"The Last Resort"

More Fan Tributes to Glenn Frey

"Wasted Time"

"Please Come Home For Christmas"

"Heartache Tonight"

"The Long Run"

More Tributes to Glenn Frey

"I Can't Tell You Why"

"In The City"

"King Of Hollywood"

"The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks"

"The Sad Cafe"

"Seven Bridges Road"

"The One You Love"

"The Allnighter"

"The Heat Is On"

More Fan Tributes to Glenn Frey

"Smuggler's Blues"

"You Belong To The City"

"True Love"

"Get Over It"

Artists Covering Eagles Songs

"Love Will Keep Us Alive"

"The Girl From Yesterday"

"Learn To Be Still"

"How Long"

"No More Cloudy Days"

"Busy Being Fabulous"

"Waiting In The Weeds"

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