Monday, May 26, 2014

FIve Best: the Clash

This British quartet sold ten million albums worldwide, and put out thought-proving music with their six studio albums.  Like most bands of their type, they did a lot of complaining, but unfortunately offered little in the way of solutions.  It's quite easy to sound off with what's wrong; it's quite another to lead.  While the band definitely struck a chord with people in Great Britain and elsewhere that could identify with the message, it would have been nice to see them channel some of that energy into offering a better way.  In the end, complaining without suggestions really doesn't get mankind anywhere.
Here are the Five Best* from the Clash with extras:

1.  Should I Stay Or Should I Go

2.  Rock The Casbah

3.  London Calling

4.  Complete Control

5.  Straight To Hell

Train In Vain
Lost In The Supermarket


White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)"

Magnificent Seven  

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