Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Discography: Guess Who

The Canadian supergroup first appeared on an album as Guess Who?/Chad Allen and the Expressions in 1965, then the Guess Who? until 1968 when they dropped the question mark.

1965:  Shakin' All Over
           Hey Ho (What You Do To Me)
1966:  It's Time
1968:  A Wild Pair, as Guess Who? recorded one side and the Staccatos (soon to become the Five Man Electrical Band) did the other
           Wheatfield Soul (first album as Guess Who)
1969:  Canned Wheat
1970:  American Woman
           Share the Land
1971:  So Long, Bannatyne
1972:  Rockin'
          Wild One
1973:  Artificial Paradise
1974:  Road Food
1975:  Power the Music
1976:  The Way They Were
1978:  Guess Who's Back
1979:  All This for a Song
1981:  Now and Not Then
1995:  Liberty (also called Lonely One)

Live Albums:
1972:  Live at the Paramount
1984:  Together Again
1986:  Best of the Guess Who Live
1998:  The Spirit Lives On
1999:  Down the Road
2000:  Running Back Through Canada
2004:  The Best of Running Back Through Canada
           Extended Versions:  The Encore Collection

1968:  The Guess Who
1969:  Sown and Grown in Canada
1971:  Guess Who Play the Guess Who
           The Best of the Guess Who--I recommend this and the Best of Volume 2 below.
1972:  Shakin' All Over (re-issue)
           The History of the Guess Who
1973:  The Best of the Guess Who, Volume 2
1977:  The Greatest Hits of the Guess Who
1988:  Track Record:  The Guess Who Collection
1992:  These Eyes
1997:  The Guess Who:  The Ultimate Collection
           Razor's Edge
1999:  The Guess Who:  Greatest Hits
2001:  This Time Long Ago
2003:  Platinum & Gold Collection:  The Guess Who
           The Guess Who:  Anthology
2005:  Let's Go
2006:  Bachman-Cummings Song Book (Contains Guess Who, Burton Cummings and BTO songs)

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